Monday, February 1, 2016

24 weeks

At 24 weeks, I had an OB appointment and another level 2 ultrasound.  My OB appointment went just fine, but the baby has decided it's fun to hide when we want to hear the heartbeat.  This is not good for Mama's blood pressure!  It also happened at the 20 week appointment.  As soon as the doctor found the heartbeat with the Doppler, the baby would move.  After several tries, Dr. W was able to determine that Baby's heartbeat was between 150-160.  This is about the same as at our 20 week appointment. 

At our ultrasound, the doctor was most interested in getting a good look at baby's face and heart.  He is very minimally concerned that Baby might have a cleft lip.  Because we haven't had a good look at the face yet, it could be that Baby might just have a very pronounced divot between the nose and upper lip.  (I can't remember what that thing is called, maybe it starts with an f?)  Same thing with the heart.  We have seen the heart beating on the ultrasound but the doctor hasn't been able to get a good look at the chambers because of the way Baby is positioned.  As with our 20 week ultrasound, Baby is breech.  Instead of facing my spine, Baby was facing my left side.  And as with the Doppler, Baby thinks it's fun to move when the doctor wants to get a good look at something.  I felt like I should apologize to the doctor for the baby being so uncooperative.  Stubborn already!  I'm afraid this is my payback for being a strong-willed child.  I'm sure my mother is sitting back and having a good laugh!

Overall, Baby looked good and the doctors are not too concerned.  I will go back for another OB appointment, my glucose test and another ultrasound at 28 weeks.  Here's hoping I pass my glucose test and that Baby cooperates for the ultrasound!

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